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Slayers is ahead of schedule - Get it May!

Slayers Box Front

Slayers of High Toro will be released as a boxed game on May 8th

You can get Slayers of High Toro, as an exclusive collectors piece, from The fantastic bitmapsoft, from May 8th.

Did you say - get your disk?

Yes, you can relive the feeling of buying a game for your Amiga, opening the box and playing it with a real Amiga disk. Purchases will include an ADF also, so Amigas without mechanical drives can still enjoy the slaying!

Can I just get the ADF?

We want people to have the experience of Slayers from the box, so the digital-download version of the game will only be available to those that purchase the boxed game. A digital-download version will follow in the future, but right now we are focused on giving collectors a fantastic experience of a proper, full, release.

How much will it cost?

The game will retail for £25 - like it’s 1995.