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Announcing Slayers of High Toro for Amiga!

Slayers Box Front

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Slayers of High Toro brings advanced AI gameplay to the Amiga

In Slayers of High Toro, you fight for the supremacy of your kingdom. By capturing hexes with your villagers, building forts to protect your fishing towns and sending knight to cut off your enemies supply chains.
Simple to learn and play, the rules can be learned in minutes, but even the most skilled player will find the enemy AI challenging.

The game supports single-player against up to 3 enemy AIs, or local multiplayer with up to 2 AIs.

Early Teaser Trailer

Slayers Video

Interview with Amiga Bill & Gameplay

Slayers Video

Will it be a physical release, and when can I get it.

Yes, Slayers will be a boxed release, with manual and disk and access to a digital download. These will go on preorder closer to release. The fantastic bitmapsoft will be publishing the game, with an expected release around June time.

How much will it cost?

This has not been finalised, but check out The fantastic bitmapsoft for an idea of their boxed games. More details will be posted as publishing progresses.

Can my Amiga run it?

Yes, probably. Any Amiga 500 with the 1.x kickstart can run Slayers - so basically any Amiga can run it. Amigas with newer ROMs, but without expanded memory just don’t have enough chip memory spare. So If you have at least 1MB of chip memory, and any ROM, you are ready to play!